I have always been a vivid fan of ceramic work using traditional techniques and methods especially when it comes to using natural materials. Micazuki uses natural raw materials with a secret ingredient using ash, adding warmth and a uniqueness to each piece crafted by hand.

Using ancestral, skilfully crafted techniques Micazuki combines modern design using Japanese concepts. Obviously I think the work is magnificent. I love the story, which Micazuki is based upon, through hours and hours of hard work, dedication and of course learning the craft through art, functionality and finding the right balance between tradition and modernity, I am awe-struck.

Micazuki’s work is creative and no one piece is the same, each piece has its own unique signature mark, using a variety of soil and quality porcelain to guarantee workmanship and quality.

Here are some of my favourite pieces, especially as food tastes so delicious when served in them.

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