My journey started with the sound of sizzling prawns, the smell of infusion spices and the wonderful taste of curry that left my palette feeling satisfied.

I was mesmerised whilst watching my grandmother cooking pure Gujarati cuisines for my family. Growing up I was taught the art of spices and experimented with flavours to various Indian dishes to add my own style on the traditional Gujarati cuisines.

After being surrounded by delicious Gujarati cuisine I had to start my own tasty plan of creating delicious and delightful spices but with a difference of being entirely artisan: everything is handmade by me, with lots of attention devoted to the smallest of details and packed full of love!

And so, I created a Vegetable Spice Mix, a Fish and Seafood Spice Mix and a Meat and Chicken Spice Mix for everyone to enjoy my scrumptious creations and indulge yourself into being able to cook Indian at home with simplicity!

The flavours of these artisanal spices are highly unique, versatile, devilish and simply fantastic. They are all hand made by me and heat-sealed for freshness. The combination of these aromatic and secret combination of spices are delectable and complement one another. They are perfect for a romantic date, young professionals who want something quick yet delicious or ideal for any newcomer in the kitchen.


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Dominic at David North – Rothely, Leicester, LE7 7LD

If you would like to find out any more about me or any of my products and services, please feel free to contact me.


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